celebrating simplicity and functionality

No two objects are the same. Every piece is designed, thrown, polished, glazed and handled by me in my studio in Diepenbeek.

I am Belgium based ceramic maker, who creates timeless wheelthrown tableware & objects. ‘Simplicity at its best’ is the inspiration for my work. I love to create beautiful things for daily life that blends perfectly in your home. That is what makes me happy & I’m sure you too.

Natural colours, timeless shapes and simple design that can be mixed and matched.
Pottery is a craft with a slow pace. The drying and firing of the clay cannot be rushed. After the piece is finished it is meant to be held, used and enjoyed on a daily basis.

Every piece is unique, I work in small batches and small variations in form and finish give each piece a unique feature. I hope you love these small variations as much as I do. Imperfect perfect!